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 Linda Nidever-Galles   2024-02-29 15:37:43  

You have created the most beautiful and memorable artwork that I have seen in years. Thank you for sharing your creativity. I am curious if you sell your art pieces.
 John Morris   2023-12-29 23:38:54  

Your holiday cards are beautiful. I was in the peace corps in Kenya in the late 60’s. Your “ Virgins of Umoja” remind me of a dance I watched in Kisii, Kenya.
 mary warren   2022-12-19 09:42:33  

forgot to give you my number=559-368-4506. call me sometime.
 mary warren   2022-12-19 09:40:22  

have lost your ph number and keenans. can you please furnish yours and keenans? by the bye, hope this missive finds you in good health and good spirits.
 Tonya Pinkins   2022-02-23 23:48:21  

Stunning work shared with me by Djenna/ DB Tonya
 Jeannette DesBoine   2021-04-14 05:14:06  

Mr. Wright, you never cease to amaze me.
 Chris Humphrey   2020-09-27 20:54:09  

Hello TheArthur! I was just passing the time while sheltering in place with Frances and Owen, and thought I’d look for some names from our past. We hope you’re staying safe and healthy. It’s always nice to take a look at your art. ~Chris
 Linda Cisneros   2019-07-23 10:18:31  

Dear Sir, Your art is beautiful. You are truly a great artist. Thank you for sharing. Linda
 Jey Eyslee   2018-09-18 13:26:40  

Always enjoy your work.
 Joyce Owens   2018-03-20 19:39:44  

I really enjoyed meeting you in Oakland, and just got a chance to read about your life and look at your work on this site. Wonderful art and good, writing, too!
 Felicia R Milian   2017-02-12 20:01:27  

Mr. Wright, I would like to express my gratitude for your beautiful work. I just became a proud owner of one of your pieces... (Spawn of the Scorpion) purchased in Oakland this past weekend. I am looking forward to purchasing the accompanying piece in the near future. Keep up the great work and know that your works moves others. I look forward to exploring more of your work. Shout out to Ms. Kelly at Paschal-Hunter Gallery, Oakland.... GEM! F. Milian
 Keith Burnette   2016-08-23 12:12:09  

It was a pleasure meeting you and your son this past weekend. I was very impressed with your works, and inspired so much by you. Meeting you was the highlight of Mt attendance at The Art & Soul Festival. I look forward to an ongoing friendship of networking and prosperity. Thank you so much for your enlightening conversation.
 HB Thomas   2016-03-16 12:11:45  

Beautiful Art work…i Have the 4 tigers hanging above the mantle. my favorite piece in my small but growing collection… the bleach art is brilliant.
 Belita White   2016-01-25 12:58:31  

Hey, just wanted to check regarding the show on the first Friday of the month which would be, February 5. But I do not see a time?? Let me know if you can. Thanks
 sheila burton   2016-01-18 06:10:36  

please add me to your mailing and guest list your art work is beautiful
 Nancy Lorenza Green   2015-07-06 10:49:00  

Thank you for your tremendous contribution to the Arts!
 Ayana Cooper   2015-06-21 19:48:58  

Thank you for the "dancing up a storm" t shirt I got today in Berkeley. When I got home and showed my mother she said she knew you and was very familiar with your work. She also said you knew my Aunt Akili Denianke and wanted me to stay in touch with you. I can't wait to order some of your bleach art pieces for my home and also wanted more info about your children's books.
 Elisabeth Fall   2015-04-27 22:55:27  

Dear TheArthur, It was a pleasure meeting you "next-door" at the Treasure Isl. Flea on Sunday. Robert had told me about your beautiful art and to see the richness of your work in person-----and in this age of instant gratification, the Zen like patience and artistry you infuse into each piece, is truly awe inspiring. With Gratitude, Elisabeth
 Robert Quinn   2015-04-27 11:58:51  

TheArthur, It was a great pleasure to meet you and chat with you this past weekend at the Treasure Island Flea. I am literally in awe of your incredible talent and magnificent artwork. I look forward to hopefully seeing you again next month at the TIF. Best Regards, Robert
 DianaLopez   2015-01-03 11:41:14  

Please let me know when you will have another show and where I can purchase post cards of your work. I am particularly interested in the warrior women. Many thanks - Diana
 DJENNE BA   2014-09-06 10:00:58  

Blessings for you my Dear Brother, Your website is so beautiful. I Just Love your home page. How you feelin ? Your photographs are stunning ! Please make sure I'm on your mailing lists. Imiss seeing and experiencing your multi-dimensional ART...SIGIDI..... In the SPIRIT of ONENESS, DB 510-649-9491
 Tom Hoy   2014-04-18 09:01:58  

The-san, I hadn't visited your website in a while. Very impressive! I enjoyed the Artship interview as well. Dunc sent me a picture of the Augusta Savage house. He's done wonders since I visited him and saw it first hand about 10 years ago. Hope all is well with you. Want to give you a heads up, we might get to the San Francisco area in September. If we can connect, I'm buying!!! Tom
 Madeline Venable   2014-02-22 16:37:33  

Glad I met you today at Mills College during the Art Show. I'm giving you a shout out on FB also. Take care much luck in all of your endeavors though you already seem to be successful in your own right!! Hope to purchase more works in the future.
 Teri Carmichael   2014-02-12 15:27:36  

I met you at the Ashby Flea Mkt (Berkeley, CA) back in December and ever since meeting you, talking with you, purchasing a T-Shirt from you, and researching you, I have been telling everyone I talk to about your amazing art work. The art you create touches the spirit of people and I am spreading the word as fast as I can about you. Now that I have found your website, I plan to direct people there and encourage them to purchase, purchase, purchase. I am a believer that we should support our own when ever possible, and I think you are one of our own worth supporting. Keep creating the beauty that you do. Thank you for sharing your gift.
 Jordane Tofighi   2014-01-26 17:59:19  

Well, after meeting you and seeing your work at the Treasure Island Flea Market today, we cannot get the images out of our head!!! We are mesmerized and inspired by your work and we thank you for sharing it with your communities. The pictures are timeless, ancient, contemporary and futuristic all in one. We are very much looking forward to seeing more at a show. Thank you! -Jordane from France and Ishtar from South Africa
 Donna Burke Sherman   2013-09-13 17:18:49  

What a blessing to have, such a wonderful gifted man in our Cleveland High School class of 1958. It was an honor to have you join us in celebrating our 55th Reunion. I am so proud to say "I went to school with TheArthur Wright. God's Blessing forever my friend. Donna Burke Sherman
 Virginia Jourdan   2013-08-08 09:16:50  

Love the T-shirts!!
 Barry Jackson   2013-04-06 11:50:44  

Hello don't know if you remeber me from the Air Port, I have the Wrights on one side of my Family. With some of them living in the Bay area. I will forward to you the website for you to look over to see if any of the names look familiar. I have two different site, One at and the other at Heritage.
 Mechelle LaChaux   2013-04-01 04:59:13  

miss you and need to see you before I go to Vienna! love ya Chellee
 Michael Knight   2013-02-09 09:41:19  

I was just admiring the beautiful work, which you create. Creations that I haven't witness since the last time I saw you. TheArthur, you have always been a talent that I've revered and a friendship that I will always cherish. Keep-on being great my friend. Michael Knight
 ruth petersen shorer   2012-12-09 16:59:33  

Beautid=ful work! You continue to make work which is meticulous yet strong and with passion. Hope the holidays are good for you and next year holds health, joy and light.
 Mechelle LaChaux   2012-09-04 10:55:42  

You know I Love your work TREMENDOUSLY!!! I am humbled by your presence and creativity always... Thank You for sharing and inviting Me into your World!!

Love Yah!
 Jennifer Vasquez   2010-03-03 20:59:19  

Hello Mr.Wright this is Jennifer I just viewed your website and I seen your painting there beautiful especialy the one called the "moment of truth" breath taking could not take my eyes of it.
 Jamie Graham   2006-01-27 23:14:37  

Hey unc, its your nephew. I'm loving the website. I check it at least once a week. Just stopping by to say hi.
 Ruth Petersen Shorer   2005-12-21 23:06:34  

We met years ago, never got to see your work before. I like it, and so does my son who sees spirit in your paintings.
Take care,
 Edna Slaughter   2005-06-26 11:44:54  

Well, I'm so impressed! ! ! !  Will be in LA for the next two weeks.  Please contact.

 Renata Gray   2005-02-07 10:13:18  

As I looked at your site, the only thing I could say was, "WOW".  Talking about telling OUR Story!  You have Truly put it down!  You are amazing!

 Duane M. Conliffe   2004-12-26 17:10:02  

Your very unique work is especially appreciated because it simultaneously offers sensory and intellectual enlightenment. Teach, man, teach!
 Thomas Dotson   2004-04-03 14:10:21  

Wow. I'm really amazed with your work.  You seem to draw really rich themes, that inform your art. I'm going back to look again. I think Califia is my favorite
 Pat Patterson   2004-03-24 15:40:42  

Hey, wonderful site Thearthur....i sent your site to my friend in Michigan, to show him a great local artist!!!! Pat P
 Yvonne Browne   2002-09-17 15:56:31  

Daniel and I are sitting here looking at your thoughtful face. I just wanted to say hello and that I love your art and love you page. I haven't seen this much of it at once.
 Bendera   2002-07-21 09:00:40  

Thanks for visualizing so beautifully our Queen Califia. We must Celebarate her,
 TERRY TAYLOR   2002-06-11 19:40:20  

 Gerald   2002-05-22 01:13:57  

Hey TheArthur, there's a new sheriff in town and his name is in the lobby three spaces above yours!